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Eco Friendly Computer Recycling & DisposalComputer & Electronics Disposal Service
Collection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle old Computers and WorkstationsCollection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle Office Servers and Storage DevicesCollection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle old Laptop ComputersCollection Service for the safe Disposal and Recycling of Printer Cartridges and TonersRecycling and Disposal Service for Office Equipment, Printers, Copiers, PC and Telephone ElectronicsPick Up E-Waste Service for Processing at our Recycling Center

Arranging a Pick Up in Delaware

Our Delaware computer recycling services for businesses and organizations expand to include data destruction (destroying the information held on your computers’ memory). We also provide a disassembly service for computer networks and machinery held at your location if it’s needed. Please ask about our full range of disposal services when you contact us.

“Arranging the Collection of E-waste”

Please be sure to notify us in advance of any large items such as computer servers, racks and any large data storage devices (e.g. Disk Storage Hardware). We recycle all office electronics but we will need to know in advance what you need removing so that we can send the appropriate team and disposal trucks.

“Disposal Pick Ups in Delaware”

The cost of having your old office computers picked up is relatively inexpensive for a quote on any number of our services please contacts us today.

You can organize a pick up for your computer equipment by call us directly or if it’s out of our business hours and you have a question please CLICK HERE to send us a message.

Delaware Computer Recycling Laws

If you are responsible for a office or IT department in Delaware you will be aware of new IT recycling laws that prohibit the dumping of used or old electronics. Everything from an old office printer to computers now need to be recycled, failure to dispose of old office equipment correctly can result in legal action being taken against your firm, business or organization and possibly even you personally as the individual in charge of recycling.

“Recycling E-Waste in Delaware”

E-Waste recycling has become an important issue across the entire country after it was discovered that toxins contained in computers and office equipment could leak from landfill sites into our water supplies. Thankfully dumping PC’s and office electronics with the regular trash has been band in favour of recycling.

“Keeping PC’s Out of the Trash”

Our computer recycling and office equipment disposal service has risen to meet the challenge of helping Delaware become an E-Waste FREE State. We work to a policy that is WASTE FREE RECYCLING and DISPOSAL of ALL PC’S, COMPUTERS, MONITORS, LAPTOPS, COPIERS, PRINTERS, TELEPHONE SYSTEMS, CELL PHONES, and all other electronics found in your office.

“Delaware the E-Waste FREE State”

Every bit of hardware we collect from your office in Delaware is taken apart and sorted into plastics, metals and glass. These components are then melted down and reclaimed for future use in manufacturing new products. The benefits of recycling PC’s, Monitors and Office Equipment can mainly be found in your budget, because we can reclaim some of the collection costs in the recycling value, which makes our disposal service very cost effective.

“Cost Effective Disposal”

If you would like to learn more about how computer monitors are recycled or how we dispose of used computers CLICK HERE to watch our PC and Computer Monitor recycling movie.

Disposing of Electronics in Delaware

Please see the guide list below and right for office equipment and computer hardware we recycle. Our recycling plant is fully licensed to process all electronics including CRT monitors and computer screens:

W List Disposal & Recycling DE
Recycle Workstations
Workstation Monitors
V - W List Disposal & Recycling DE
Video Conferencing
T - S List Disposal & Recycling DE.
Toner Cartridges
Telephone Mainframes
Storage Server
Security Systems
Security Monitors
Security Cameras
R - P List Disposal & Recycling DE
Research Equipment
Dispose of Photocopier
Recycle PDA
PC Monitors
O - N List Disposal & Recycling DE.
Dispose of Office Telephones
Recycle Office Printer
Dispose of Office PC’s
Office Equipment (electronics)
Disposing of the Office Copier
Notebooks Computer
Networks and Network Cables
Network Server
Recycle Network Monitors
Network Hubs
M List Disposal & Recycling DE
Medical Equipment
Mainframe Equipment
Mainframe Controller
L List Disposal & Recycling DE.
List Disposal & Recycling DE
Recycle Laser Printers
Recycle Laptop Computer
Lab Equipment
K List Disposal & Recycling DE.
I List Disposal & Recycling DE
Recycle Inkjet Cartridges
Recycle Ink Jet Printers
H List Disposal & Recycling DE.
Hard Drive Destruction
Hands Free Systems
F List Disposal & Recycling DE.
Dispose of Fax Machines
E List Disposal & Recycling DE
Recycle Electronics
Dispose of Wiring
D List Disposal & Recycling DE
Desktop Computer
C List Disposal & Recycling DE.
CRT Monitors
CPU Recycling
Recycle Computer Towers
Computer Server
Dispose of Computer Screens
Computer Monitors
Client Server
Circuitry and Circuit boards
Recycle Cell Phones
Call Centre Equipment
Cables and Cabling
B - A List Disposal & Recycling DE.
Recycle Broken Equipment
Alarm systems

Delaware Recycling

Additional e-waste recycling help and advice can be found on the following website:




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