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Eco Friendly Computer Recycling & DisposalComputer & Electronics Disposal Service
Collection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle old Computers and WorkstationsCollection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle Office Servers and Storage DevicesCollection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle old Laptop ComputersCollection Service for the safe Disposal and Recycling of Printer Cartridges and TonersRecycling and Disposal Service for Office Equipment, Printers, Copiers, PC and Telephone ElectronicsPick Up E-Waste Service for Processing at our Recycling Center

Office Equipment and PC Recycling Tri State Area

Tri State AreaElectronics and Computer Recycling Services extend to the safe collection for disposal of all the office electronics listed below:

Computer Disposal via Recycling

Server Disposal via Recycling

Monitor and Computer Screen Disposal

Laptop Disposal

Mainframe Disposal & Recycling

Printers and Fax machine Disposal

Photocopier Disposal and Recycling

Toner Cartridge Disposal

Telephone Systems Disposal

Cell Phone Recycling

If you have old, unwanted, broken or obsolete office equipment and PC’s that you need disposing of please call us today to arrange a Pick Up or to schedule a drop in.

Arranging a Pick Up of Old Equipment

When arranging the collection of old computers please be sure to specify if you have any special requirements. Example listed below:

On location disassembly for removal
Collection of CRT computer monitors
Recycling of servers and computers that may require hard drives being destroyed
PC recycling audit
Any large items for recycling e.g. mainframes, server racks and photocopiers

If you are a manufacturer and require the collection of scrap materials such as faulty circuit boards, wire or cables please estimate the tonnage if possible.

Business and office equipment in need of recycling such as PC’s, servers and computer monitors will need to be disposed of in accordance of Tri State Areastate regulations.

Please CLICK HERE to send us a message or to organize a quotation for our disposal collection and PC / office electronics recycling service.

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Disposing of Electronics and Old Office Computers in Tri State Area

Recycling your offices PC’s and computer monitors is a


throwing out old computers and office equipment with the regular trash means that it may end up in a landfill. It has become mandatory in most States that all electronics must be recycled due to toxic materials held within their components.

Recycling junk office equipment, broken or old computers and monitors is important business. Tri State Arearecycling centers are now accepting most electronics for recycling.

Our recycling program is designed to help your business recycle it’s unwanted computers, old servers and office equipment easily, safely and with the minimal of interruption to you working day.

Contact us today to arrange a collection for the safe disposal of your computer equipment

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