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Computer Disposal and PC Recycling

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com provides your business or organization with an all-in-one PC and computer monitor collection, disposal and recycling service.

Core service features included:

• On-location disassembly for removal.

• The safe removal and collection of all unwanted, old, broken or obsolete computers and monitors from your office or working location.

• Hard disk drive and data destruction including the permanent wiping of all files and disk data.

• Computer and monitor disposal via recycling using de-manufacturing technology (taking apart each computer so that the composite plastics, alloys and glass can be recycled).

• Collection and Reconditioning programs for clients wishing to relocate their computers and monitors to a new location.

• Reconditioning programs for clients wishing to resell their old computer equipment and monitors.

• Donation programs designed for clients that want to gift their old office computers and monitors to charities or schools.

• Employee purchase schemes designed for clients that want to resell their old office computers and monitors to their staff.

• Landfill ewaste disposal program via materials recycling for companies that need to be compliant with State E-Waste disposal and recycling laws (New Jersey, NYC and New York included).

• PC disposal audits and e-waste management planning

• Corporate E-waste management events

If you require any of the above services or simply just need us to collect from your office computers and monitors for disposal please call us today or CLICK HERE to arrange an on-line quote.

"The No. 1 Computer and PC monitor Disposal Collection Service for the USA"

I only have a small amount of PC’s and computer monitors that we need disposing of, do I still have to recycle them all?

If you just need a few computers collected and disposed of it is advisable that you DO NOT throwaway your junk computers and PC monitors with the office trash or put them in a dumpster. In most States you and your company, firm or organization is liable for its e-waste, which includes old, unwanted, broken or no longer used office computers and monitors. The legal choice is to have them recycled by an approved PC recycler, not only does this give you peace of mind that your machines are being disposed of legally it also gives you the confidence that all your personal information or confidential business data is being destroyed.

“Recycling a Computer Helps save Lifes”

It’s hard to believe but did you know that computers contain toxins that if not disposed of properly could enter the water tables. These toxins can cause damage to wild life and even the human population. That’s why in most the States of America it is now considered to be a criminal offence to dump PC’s and computer monitors illegally. So there you have it, recycling your office PC’s really can save lifes.

"The Best In Trash Collection of Old Office PC Hardware, Printers, Copiers and Monitors”

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com can help your business recycle no matter how many monitors and computers you need to get rid of we are here to assist. To arrange a collection either CLICK HERE or Call us:
PC and Monitor Disposal

For additional information please select a State for more information on computer and IT equipment recycling laws relevant to your business:

Connecticut E-Waste Recycler - Computer Disposal & Recycling

Delaware E-Waste Recycler - PC Disposal and Recycling

Maryland E-Waste Recycler - Computer Recycling Disposal Services

New York E-Waste Recycler - including NYC PC Disposal & Monitor Recycling

New Jersey E-Waste Recycler - Office Computer Disposal and Recycling

Pennsylvania E-Waste Recycler - Office Recycled PC’s and Screens

I have a large amount of PC’s and computer monitors that need collecting, disposed of and recycling.

Is your business upgrading its IT equipment, do you need to throw out your old PC’s and computer monitors? Or do you just have a lot of redundant PC’s and computer screens that you need disposing of? Whatever your reasons for getting rid of old computers and monitors “PC Disposal Recycle IT.com” provides a collection disposal service that includes a landfill free recycling service. Our collection for recycling package is for professionals that need to ensure their e-waste is managed legally to State and national guidelines and legislation.

I need help removing computers and monitors from our office

If your business needs help dismantling computer networks, computer racks and clearing out desktops, PC towers, base-units and workstations we can assist you. Our disposal technicians can come to your office, factory or facilities and help remove, pack and pallet entire computer systems. For some of our larger clients we have assisted in the disassembly and removal for disposal of thousands of computers and monitors including bulky CRT screens.

Call us today or CLICK HERE to send us a message or request an on-line estimation.

I have computers and monitors already on pallets and ready to be recycled

Call us today and schedule a pickup, PC Disposal Recycle-IT.com has a fleet of disposal trucks and a team of collection experts that are on call to help with any large scale removal of office computers and monitors. Please let us know the amount of computers you need to get rid of and if possible a general guide to the size or volume of the collection.

Reasons to Recycle

All office electronics including computers, PC monitors, and all related computer hardware from routers to networks have been classified as toxic solid waste and subsequently banned from landfills or dumping with regular office trash. PC Disposal Recycle IT.com prevents your business or organization from being prosecuted by the State, saving you from hefty fines and even personal liability by providing a fully certified e-waste computer collection disposal and recycling service.

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com is one of the leading recyclers for PC equipment and monitors in the USA. Our new tech recycling equipment is so cutting edge that we are only one of a few recyclers that has it in the entire nation. Some of our PC and Computer Monitor Recycling Technology has even been invented by our computer disposal engineers, to which end we hold the exclusive copyright on some of the most advanced data destruction and hard drive wiping hardware in the world. PC Disposal Recycle IT.com is also part of a global PC recycling and computer monitor disposal endeavour, we have specialized CRT computer monitor disposal equipment designed in England (UK) and shipped all the way to our recycling centers here in the USA. Our commitment to the safe disposal of computers, monitors and office electronics via recycling has made us the #1 choice for recycling the right way in the USA.
If you need your office computers and PC screens disposed of please call us today and organize a collection, a recycling your PC's and Computer monitors has just become simple.

“PC Disposal Recycle IT.com is here to Help You Recycle”

Special Notice:
Legal firms, accountancy businesses and governmental agencies wishing to recycle old computer systems and monitors please be sure to ask about our data destruction service.

I have PC’s and other office equipment that I need collected, disposed of or recycled.

If you have additional IT equipment that you need taking away with your computers and monitors please let us know in advance of collection? Bulky office equipment such as servers, data storage racks, mainframes and photocopiers may need us to send additional trucks and disposal technicians to help.

The safe, environmentally sound and legally compliant was to dispose of your offices computers and monitor is to have them collected and recycled. It’s not just CPU’s and computer monitors that we recycle, we also recycle most office electronics. Listed below are just a few of the most commonly disposed of items that we can recycle:

Batteries, Surge & UPS all recycled
Calculators & Office Machines all recycled
Printers and Scanners all recycled
Computers & PDAs recycling
Copiers & Fax disposal and recycling
Drives, Memory & Storage data wiping and disposal
Ink & Toners recycled & reconditioned
Mice & Keyboards recycled
Monitors & Digital Projectors recycled
Networking & Cables disposal and recycling
PC Components Accessories recycling & disposal
Printers & All-in-Ones disposal
Shredder recycling
Software disposal
Telephone & Communications disposal / recycling

Anything with a plug or any equipment that uses electricity we can recycle, we are here to help for further information about recycling your computers, monitors and office electronics call us today or CLICK HERE to send us a message.

When Disposing of Office Equipment Think “PC Disposal Recycle IT.com”

To learn more about PC and Computer Hard Drive Disposal and Data Wiping Please CLICK HERE.
To learn more about PC and Computer Hard Drive Disposal and Data Wiping Please CLICK HERE
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