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What should be recycled?

PC’s, laptops, servers, compute towers, desktop PC’s and workstations should all be recycled. Reasons why to recycle other than the obvious include protecting you and your organization from prosecution because many States have now passed environmental protection laws that in summary mean all your office electronics need to be disposed of via recycling. This also means you will need to call a disposal company to remove unwanted computer monitors and CPUs from your location for recycling or alternatively you can send them to a recycler. We are an authorised collection and recycling company, able to help you recycle all your office’s computer equipment, from keyboards to computer screens and cpus we can manage the lot.

“Protect Yourself and Your Organization by Recycling all Computers & Office Electronics the Right Way”

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What happens if we don’t recycle old computers and PC’s?

Apart from poisoning the earth for ourselves as well as future generation if you don’t recycle your old PC’s you personally and your business could be prosecuted by the State for breaking environmental laws. It’s not the best reason to recycle but it is a pretty important one, losing your job because you didn’t recycle a few junk PC’s isn’t going to look good. That said there is no need to worry – our PC Disposal and CPU recycling services are all State approved and ensure that all your e-waste is managed correctly both legally and environmentally.


Are all these recycling terms and phases new to you? For a list of recycling terms and their definitions please click here.

How is an old CPU recycled?

The term CPU relates to a central processing unit or in other words a computer, server, laptop, mainframe and even a cell phone. Recycling a CPU can be done in several different ways, after you’ve sent us or we’ve collected your trash CPU’s we start the recycling process by taking the old computers and monitors apart, splitting everything and sorting it into plastics, glass and different types of metals. These materials are all sorted into boxes and sent off to be reclaimed either by melting or smelting down into their purest form so they can be reused to manufacture new products.

To watch a short movie about the recycling process CLICK HERE
CPU Recycling Movie

Where to Recycle Old CPU’s

We offer a Tri-State CPU recycling service that specializes in CRT monitor disposal, server, PC and laptop disposal and data destruction for that added security. So if you are asking “where do I dispose of old computers securely, ensuring all the hard drives are destroyed” the answer is PC Disposal Recycle It.com – call us today to arrange a collection or to ask us a question outside of office hours CLICK HERE.

Why Recycle CPU’s?

Computers, laptops and servers contain materials that are dangerous to the environment and if thrown out with the normal trash would end up polluting the environment. That’s why it’s important to ensure all CPU and computer monitor disposal is managed by a professional recycler that can help keep your junk IT equipment out of the ground.

What's recycled in my PC
Near enough everything can be recycled in your old PC:

• Computer Frame (recycled for alloy)
• PC Case (recycled for plastic shell)
• Floppy Disk Drive (recycled for plastic & metals)
• Hard Drive (destroyed)
• CD-ROM Drive (recycled for plastic & metals)
• Processor (recycled for metals)
• Processor Cooling Fan (recycled for alloys)
• Motherboard (recycled for metals)
• Memory Modules (recycled for metals)
• Power Supply (recycled for metal)
• Video Card (recycled for metal)
• Network Card (recycled for metal)
• Keyboard (recycled for plastic & metals)
• Mouse (recycled for plastic & metals)
• PC Cables (recycled for metal)

What toxic materials are in my PC

1: Lead in cathode ray tube and solder
2: Arsenic in older cathode ray tubes
5: Antimony trioxide as flame retardant
4: Polybrominated plastic casings & cables
3: Selenium in circuit boards
6: Cadmium in circuit boards and semiconductors
7: Chromium in steel as corrosion protection
8: Cobalt in steel for structure and magnetism
9: Mercury in switches and housing
What's recycled in my computer screen
Monitor recycling is a very complex business especially when it comes to CRT or cathode ray tube computer screens. A CRT monitor is a larger unit than the modern flat screen often seen in offices today. They are still in production and provide many recyclers with a nightmare to recycle. Our recycling facility has custom built equipment that is designed to help manage the safe disposal of CRT monitors. It is possible to reclaim, plastics and metals from the monitor casing. However reclaiming or recycling the glass content is very hard because it has large amounts of lead within it. As part of our recycling process we break down the glass content of a monitor making it easier to recycle.

"From PC's to Monitors We Can Help You Recycle it All"

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