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Destroying Hard Drives Along With All Business & Private Data

PC Recycling & Data Wiping

Are you wondering what happens to your business’s data files and the private information held on your computer hard drives when office PC’s are thrown away? One of the biggest concerns many businesses and organizations face is data security. Many businesses spend thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars making their office networks as secure as possible only to defeat the exercise by throwing out old PC’s and servers that haven’t had the data held on their hard disk drives deleted properly.

“We Ensure all Data, Files, Hard Drives, Disks & Memory are Destroyed When Your Recycle you old PC's”

Many IT directors delete and format hard drives before disposing of or recycling the office’s old computer equipment. This is a wise precaution but in cases where you have a large number of computers that need throwing away your IT director might lose a few months to just formatting hard drives. Even if a hard disk drive has all its data deleted and is formatted it may still be possible to recover information from the drive, so short of popping the hard disk drive into a Microwave it might just be a waste of time anyway (please do not place your hard drives into a Microwave oven).

“Our Hard Drive and Data Destruction Service Saves You Valuable Time”

‘PC Disposal Recycle IT.com’ offers a time saving and ultimately secure service for disposing of the computers you want to throwaway. We have secure rooms especially designed to manage the formatting and data wiping of your organizations hard drives. We can format and wipe hundreds of drives at the same time, what would have taken your IT director weeks to do can be done in days, he’d thank you for it and we use DOD standard data wiping software to ensure nothing can be recovered from your old hard drives and disks.

“Data & File Wiping Above Even DOD Standards”

Our data destruction and hard drive wiping service doesn’t stop with the formatting of hard drives, we go further. Each harddrive is passed through an extremely powerful electromagnetic charge, so powerful is this charge that if you were to walk into one of our hard drive destruction rooms wearing a watch, carrying a cell phone, laptop or PDA it would be destroyed instantly. Even when filming the hard drives being destroyed for our short hard disk drive wiping documentary we had to use a zoom lens from a safe location for fear the digital camera we were filming on would be destroyed.
hard drive disposal hard drive wiping service

“Throwing Out PC's?
PC Disposal Recycle IT.
com Can Help Ensure All Data and Business Information is Destroyed Securely”

After your old computer’s hard drive has had its disk formatted, wiped and obliterated via a super charged magnetic field it then enters the final stage of destruction, namely; de-manufacturing and smelting. Unlike hard drive shredding there really is nothing left of your old computer or servers hard disks when we’ve finished. Destroying disk drives, hard drives, portable drives and any form of hardware used for data and file storage is something we can honestly say we do well. Our PC recycling and disposal business is “Built on Integrity and Trust”, our clients entrust us with their used, old or unwanted computers and servers because they know they can trust us to destroy all data, files and all confidential business information held on the hard drives, disks and memory.

If you need to fling out your office PC’s and servers and your concerned about how to ensure the hard drives are destroyed call us today or CLICK HERE to ask any further questions on-line.

List of Services & Fee’s

Computer disposal including hard drive destruction comes in 3 main packages but we often offer clients bespoke services to help meet their individual requirements. Our 3 most commonly requested data destruction and computer disposal packages are as follows:

Basic PC Recycling Service: Step 1, we collect your broken, old, used or unwanted computers, monitors, laptops, servers and computing devices from your location (or you can arrange to ship your old computer equipment directly to us). Additional services provided upon request are on-location disassembly for example disassembling a server room. Step 2, each hard drive is removed from the computer casing or container unit. Step 3, the hard drive disk is disassembled so that plastics and alloys can be reclaimed in the recycling process. The cost of the basic service is dependent on collection location and number of hard drives that need destroying, please CLICK HERE to arrange a quotation via e-mail.

Standard PC Recycling Service: Step 1, we collect your old, unwanted and even broken hardware such as computers, monitors, laptops, servers and computing devices from your location (or you can arrange to ship your old computer equipment to us). Additional services provided upon request are on-location disassembly. Step 2, the hard drive is manually removed from the PC / Server casing or container unit. Step 3, a software format and data wipe of the hard drives disk is performed by DOD standard applications. Step 4, the hard drive disk is taken apart so that plastics and alloys can be reclaimed via a recycling process. The cost of the standard service is dependent on the location of the pickup and number of hard drives that need their data wiping clean, please CLICK HERE to arrange a quotation via e-mail.

Advanced PC Recycling Service: Step 1, is the safe collection of all your unwanted business computers, monitors, laptops, servers and computing devices from any location in the USA (or you can arrange to ship your old computer equipment to us). If you require help with on-location disassembly such as taking apart server rooms and office networks please let us know. Step 2, is the removal of all hard drive disks and memory from the computer casing or container unit (for portable hard drives). Step 3, our data destruction software applications format and wipe clean all files and information stored on your hard drives disk permanently. Step 4, each hard drive is passed through a massively powerful EMF (electromagnetic field) that obliterates the hard drives disk, rendering it useless and guaranteeing that your business data and files will never be recovered. Step 5, the old hard drives are taken apart and separated so that their plastics and alloys can be reclaimed via melting and smelting, leaving nothing left of your old PC’s or Servers hard drives. The cost of this advanced service is insignificant based upon the importance of having your old computer hard drives destroyed securely. All fees are based on pickup location (if applicable) and the number of hard drives that need destroying, please CLICK HERE to arrange a quotation via e-mail.
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