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Eco Friendly Computer Recycling & DisposalToday’s Recycling for Tomorrows Old Technology
Eco Friendly Computer Recycling & DisposalComputer & Electronics Disposal Service
Collection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle old Computers and WorkstationsCollection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle Office Servers and Storage DevicesCollection and Disposal Service for when you want to Recycle old Laptop ComputersCollection Service for the safe Disposal and Recycling of Printer Cartridges and TonersRecycling and Disposal Service for Office Equipment, Printers, Copiers, PC and Telephone ElectronicsPick Up E-Waste Service for Processing at our Recycling Center


  Standard PC & IT Equipment Pickup Service

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com offers a standard pickup collection service which includes the collection of unwanted, old or obsolete computers, PC monitors, Apple Mac’s, Servers, and all other office IT equipment.  The service also extends to all electrical equipment including ink cartridges and toners. Our standard collection service is offered on the assumption that your IT equipment is already prepared for disposal and no extraction / on-location disassembly is required prior to shipment. Fees vary according to location and quantity please CLICK HERE to arrange a quotation.

  On-Site Disassembly & Removal of IT Equipment Service

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com offers an on-location disassembly and removal service for all office IT equipment; including computers, PC Monitors, network and mainframe disassembly.  We are also trained to remove all unwanted telephone systems and large electrical equipment such as photocopiers and computer server racks.  Fees vary according to the type of equipment you need disassembling, your office location and the quantity of items you need removing, please CLICK HERE to arrange a quotation.

  Computer and IT Equipment Asset Recovery Program

This program is custom designed to meet the individual needs of all clients or OEMs.  PC Disposal Recycle IT.com offers a program, individually tailored to handle the recovery of assets from multiple locations and end users. On receipt or collection of your IT equipment and computers ‘PC Disposal Recycle IT.com’ will inventory and test the equipment and report back to the client with a full audit.  We are also able to recommend what type of e-waste management solution would best work for your organization as a result of this process.

  Redeployment Disposal & Recycling Redeployment

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com can also recover and re-deploy reusable equipment from one location to another within your organization. Computers and IT equipment will be inventoried and tested at our location. The information held on PC, Laptop and Server hard drives will be wiped, reformatted, tested and shipped out to your desired location. For more information about the service please call us today or CLICK HERE and send us a question.

  Corporate Clean-Out (CCO) Disposal Service

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com directly removes and disposes of all computer equipment from the client’s location. All equipment will be tested, inventoried and sorted by non-saleable or saleable items. The client will be provided with a full inventory and then we will begin either the disposal or sale of equipment as you see fit. Your business or organization will be provided a credit or invoice based on the Accumulation Pool method if any value was received.

  Computer & Electronic Collection Events

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com has the ability to organize Computer & Electronic Drop off Events for government agencies and corporations in the North East of the USA. This service allows smaller businesses to dispose of their computer & electronics without incurring collection charge!  CLICK HERE to enquire about our next e-waste collection event.

Data Destruction Service

  Standard Data Wiping Service

Our standard data destruction service for clients wishing to dispose of old PC’s and data storage equipment such as servers consists of Disk Drive Wiping that is fully compliant with Department of Defense (DOD) Standards.  The cost of this service is scalable based on quantity and the levels of effort required to remove the disk drives.  If you have already removed your hard drives for us this may reduce the fee.  To organise a quotation for this service please CLICK HERE or call us today.

  Advanced File and Disk Wiping Service

All lawful recycling companies must comply with DTSC regulations for handling toxic material, there are very few recyclers that also comply too the strict guidelines as laid out in the “Recyclers Pledge of True Stewardship” in relation to data destruction.   As a leading recycler of computers all confidential information we obtain on the disk drives from the computers we are tasked to recycle is wiped clean and destroyed permanently.  The absolute destruction of your company confidential information is guaranteed by two processes; firstly with a software purge and secondly by running the hard disk drive through a electromagnetic field.   The software purge removes all files and any chance of recovering data whilst the electromagnetic field totally destroys any trace of magnetic data on the disk. To organise a quotation for this service please CLICK HERE or call us today.

  Hard Drive Obliteration Service

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com also offers a total disk drive obliteration service; we will first wipe the disk drive clean of all your business data.  Then we will destroy the magnetic properties of the hard drive disk by running it through a massively powerful electromagnetic field.  Finally we will have the hard drive disassembled and melted down.  There is no better service on the market anywhere in the world.  To organise a quotation for this service please CLICK HERE or call us today.

PC Donations & Employee Purchase Programs

  Corporate Donation Programs

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com has the ability to refurbish and distribute working IT equipment and computers directly to a charitable organization for reuse. All fees will be charged to your business but this fee can potentially be used as a tax write-off. Invoices provide an equipment listing and all related services.  To organise a quotation for this service please CLICK HERE or call us today.

  Employee Purchase Programs Employee Purchase Programs

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com will refurbish and remarket all working equipment, allowing your organization to sell your old PC’s, Monitors and IT equipment back to your employees. We will also process all sales transactions and manage all customer warranty and service issues if required.  To organise a quotation for this service please CLICK HERE or call us today.


Service and removal fees will be based on the complexity of the program put in place. It is PC Disposal Recycle IT.com goal to keep fees to a minimum and the standard of service to a maximum.  For larger projects it is recommended to schedule a site visit and tour to enable us to offer the simplest, most cost effective solution.  Call us today to discuss your needs or CLICK HERE and allow us to begin the process of giving you an estimate right now – you will be pleasantly surprised just how cost effective PC recycling can be.
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