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Disposing of Your Old Laptops

Has the time come to fling out your used, old, broken or obsolete laptop? Are you wondering how to dispose of old business laptops and computer devices? In a growing number of States laptops are classified as hazardous solid e-waste and need to be disposed of by recycling. Recycling your old laptops and computer devices ensures they remain out of landfill sites where their toxic components may leak into the earth.
Laptop and Notbook Disposal

How to Recycle Your Business Laptops

Recycling a laptop is simple, we collect it from your office (or you can send them to us) and we will destroy the hard drive (removal off all sensitive business data for ever) and then take the laptop apart. Each component of the old laptop is separated into its composite material type, the materials are sorted in metals, alloys, plastic and glass. These materials are then sent off to be smelted down and reclaimed for use in future manufacturing.

Organizing a Pickup for Your Old Office Laptops

It is usually more cost effective if you group together all your office e-waste for one big collection, we can recycle everything even inks and toners just let us know in advance what you’d like taken away. We recycle tens of thousands of laptops a year and offer advanced laptop disposal services which can include data destruction, recycle auditing and many other e-waste management services.

Contact Us for Help With Recycling Your Old LaptopsCall us today or CLICK HERE to arrange for a pickup of your old unwanted used or broken laptops, every make and brand can be recycled.

Rules for Disposing of Laptops

“Disposing of Your Laptops Safely and Legally”

Please do not throw away your office laptops once they have become obsolete. In a large number of States it is illegal to throw out your old laptops with the regular trash. Companies found dumping laptops and computer devices into the trash or a dumpster can be fined and the individuals responsible will be prosecuted by the State. Our laptop disposal and recycling services are designed to help you dispose of your laptops safely and legally by recycling them.

Other Options for Recycling Laptops

Recycling your laptops is by far the best thing to do but that’s not all we can help with. We can offer your business or organization alternative Laptop disposal services such as reconditioning the laptops so they can be gifted to charities or sold. Many companies ask us to collect their used laptops and recondition them so they can be sold to their employee’s. We call this service an ‘Employee Purchase Program’. Keeping an old laptop in use is the best way to recycle it.

Laptop Disposal & Recycling

Our laptop disposal and recycling services are designed for all types of businesses, organizations and agencies. We specialize in managing the entire laptop disposal from collection to data destruction of the hard drives and recycling. All makes, models and brands are accepted listed below are just a few manufactures we can recycle for:
  • 3K Computers laptop disposal
  • Acer laptop recycling
  • Alienware laptop disposed of
  • Apple laptop recycled
  • Asus laptop disposal
  • Averatec laptop recycling
  • Creative laptop disposed of
  • Dell laptop recycled
  • Ergotron laptop disposal
  • Everex laptop recycling
  • Fujitsu laptop disposed of
  • Gateway laptop recycled
  • Getac laptop disposal
  • HP (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Jumbo laptop recycling
  • Lenmar laptop disposed of
  • Lenovo laptop disposal
  • Motion laptop recycling
  • MSI laptop disposed of
  • OCZ Technology
  • Panasonic laptop disposal
  • Samsung laptop recycling
  • Sony laptop disposed of
  • Speck laptop recycled
  • Sylvania laptop recycled
  • Systemax laptop disposal
  • Targus laptop recycling
  • Toshiba laptop disposed of
  • Velocity Micro laptop recycled
  • ViewSonic laptop disposal
  • Wyse laptop recycling
If you have any questions or need information about our services for laptop disposal and recycling please feel free to send us a message – CLICK HERE.
Notebook and Laptop Disposal via Recycling

Organizing a Pickup for Your Offices Old Telephones

Do you need your old telephones collected for disposal? Do you have an office filled with old telephone systems that you need to get rid of? We dispose of all types of telephone systems by recycling their plastics and metals. Our recycling and disposal collection services can also expand to offer help with the disassembly of telephone and communications systems at your premises (please request this service ahead of organizing a pickup).
Recycling Telephones
If you need boxes and pallets please let us know, old telephones that are pre box and placed on pallets ready to be collected can be removed quicker. If you need us to box and pallet your old phones on location please let us know. To organize the collection for disposal of your office phone systems please CLICK HERE or call us today.

How to Recycle Your Business Telephones

When your old business phones reach the end of their life they should be recycled. Telephones are classified as solid waste in a growing number of States and therefore in compliance with State laws must be disposed of by recycling. A recycled telephone is one less item for already over cramped landfill sites; by having your business phone systems recycled you are acting responsibly.

If you have a large number of old telephones that need disposing of and you’d like a tour of our recycling center please contact us today. You can call our head office direct or CLICK HERE to arrange a viewing.

Our recycling center is designed to manage all types of e-waste from telephones to computers, just about anything in your office that uses electricity can be recycled. Our aim is to make the disposal of all office electronics, telephones, laptops, computers and monitors a safe and hassle free experience, leaving you free to run your business.

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com offers a recycling and disposal service for office phones and communications systems which also includes the recycling of your office cell phones.

“Recycle Your Cell Phone. It's The Right Call To Make”

How to Recycle Your Business Cell Phones

The two most frequently asked questions we receive about cell phone recycling are “do I need to recycle my old cell phone” and “can I throw my cell phone into the trash”. The answers are yes you do need to have your cell phones recycled and no please do not throwaway your cell phone with the everyday trash. Cell phone recycling is very important; millions of cell phones are being thrown away every year in the USA. Cell phones are non-biodegradable as a rule and therefore need recycling not dumping into landfills.

Recycling a cell phone is easy – you can send them to us or if you have a lot of old phones we can collect them. Usually if your business is scheduling a collection of its e-waste with us we’ll take your cell phones along with all your other trash electronics, just let us know in advance.

To arrange the collection of old used cell phones or for more information about sending us your cell phones for recycling please CLICK HERE.
Cell Phone Disposal Recycling

PDA Disposal & Recycling

It’s not just Laptops and Telephones that we recycle we also recycle all your offices electronic devices and computing equipment that includes palm held devices such as PDA’s. Listed below are just a few of the appliances we recycle:

• Notebooks
• PDA Recycling
• Batteries & Adapters
• Notebook Accessories
• Port Replicators
• Docking Station
• Network/Modem Cards
• Tablet PCs

PC Disposal Recycle IT.com offers a collection for disposal service for all PDA’s and palm top devices. We also offer a dispatch service that allows you to send them to us. Please let us know in advance if you have any special recycling requirements e.g. data wiping. We take your business PDA disposal very seriously and offer a full range of recycling services, to find out more why not send us a message by CLICKING HERE.
PDA Disposal and Recycling
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