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Recycling for Copiers, Toners, Printers and Cartridges

Printer Disposal & Recycling

Recycling Office Printers & Fax Machines

Recycling Office Printers & Fax Machines - Do you need to dispose of your office printer then it is time to have your old printer recycled. PC Disposal Recycle IT.com disposes of all your office equipment from computer disposal to printer recycling we can take care of it all.

Regardless of how many printers you need disposing of please do not throwaway your business’s old office printers into a dumpster or with the trash, all office electronics have been classified as e-waste and should be recycled.

Recycling an office printer is simple, you can send it to us or we can collect used printers from your office or premises. If the printer is still working but you want to dispose of it because you have new ones then have you considered donating your printer? The best way to recycle used or old printers is to keep them in use; we offer a printer donation program if you are interested.

Usually we dispose of your business printers by dismantling them and recycling their plastics and metals. Our team of recycling engineers are experienced in recycling printers, fax machines and most other printing equipment. Listed below are a few of the printer types we recycle:

Color Laser Printers disposal & recycling offered
Disc Title Printers disposal & recycling offered
Dot Matrix Printers disposal & recycling offered
Inkjet Photo Printers disposal & recycling offered
Inkjet Printers disposal & recycling offered
Laser Printers disposal & recycling offered
Desktop Printer disposal & recycling offered
Facsimile Copier Machine disposal & recycling
Fax Machine disposal & recycling offered
Multifunction Desktop Printer disposal
Multifunction Network Printer disposal
Multifunction Photo Printer disposal & recycling
Network Printer disposal & recycling offered


We recycle all models and brands of office printers, listed below are just a few of the most common brand names that we recycle:

Brother printer recycling & Disposal
Hewlett Packard (HP) printer recycling
Canon printer recycling & Disposal
Panasonic printer recycling & Disposal
Lexmark printer recycling & Disposal
Sharp printer recycling & Disposal
Epson printer recycling & Disposal
Samsung printer recycling & Disposal

Call us today or CLICK HERE and ask us about disposing of your old or broken office printers – we are happy to help your business recycle.
Recycling and Disposal for Office Printers and Copiers

Copier Disposal & Recycling

Recycling Photocopiers & Copying Equipment

Recycling Photocopiers & Copying Equipment - Are you asking “where do we dispose of our old office copiers” or “how do we recycle our office copier”? The answer is simple ‘PC Disposal Recycle IT.com’ disposes of all your unwanted, old, obsolete or junk office equipment from computer monitors to photocopier recycling we can dispose of it all. Anything with a plug in your office can be disposed of safely by recycling its plastics, metals and glass.

What size copier do you need disposing of, how many photocopiers do you need recycled? These questions are very important because we need to send the right sized recycling collection team to collect it. When you call or send us a message (CLICK HERE), we’ll need to know what size truck to send and if you need help dismantling your copiers at your location.

Do you have a broken copier that you need to get rid of? That’s fine, it doesn’t matter if your office copier is broken or working we can dispose of it. It’s important that you DO NOT dump your photocopier; it’s classified as e-waste and needs to be disposed of via a recycler. Our recycling center is fully licensed and one of the biggest in the State, we manage every type of e-waste recycling imaginable, working to a landfill FREE copier disposal policy that ensures your company meets it’s legal requirements to recycle.

Our team of recycling engineers are experienced in recycling all size, shape and model of photocopier and office copier equipment. Listed below are a few of the office copier types we recycle:
  • Canon Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Konica Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Kyocera Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Minolta Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Panasonic Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Ricoh Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Sharp Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Toshiba Copier Disposal and Recycling
  • Xerox Copier Disposal and Recycling


Our computer equipment disposal services are Tri-State – we are specialists in the disposal of all your IT equipment, managing the safe removal of photocopiers, printers, computer monitors, PC’s, servers and networks from your business premises.

If you need a recycler for your old or broken copier ‘PC Disposal Recycle IT.com’ is the service for your business. We remove the hassle, we work strictly to State and National recycling and disposal laws, when your company, firm or organization uses our PC and Copier disposal services our aim is to keep you free to run your business by taking care of every aspect of the copier disposal for you. – Recycling Made Easy!

“E-waste Recycling”

If you are about to organize the collection of unwanted office copiers stop for one moment and think; is there anything else you could have recycled, perhaps an old toner cartridge, an obsolete server or old computer that’s kicking around the IT room. Grouping your e-waste for one pickup can save you time and money.

Toner & Cartridge Disposal

Recycling Toners & Cartridges

Is it time to recycle your office Toners and Cartridges? Laser Cartridges, Inkjet Cartridge and Copier Toners can all be recycled; please don’t throw them away with the regular trash. In many States it is now illegal to dump your office e-waste. Disposing of old, used and empty cartridges and toners is simple. You can call us today or you can CLICK HERE and we’ll set you up with our Hassel FREE toner and cartridge recycling program.

You might be interested to know that if your business is located in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut we have a collection partnership with Village Office Supply. Village Office Supply is one of the largest office supplies businesses in the North East of America and sell toners and cartridges along with thousands of other office supplies and equipment. If you are not using Village Office Supply maybe it’s worth visiting their website, they provide a full collection service of all electronics and office e-waste for everyone of their clients:


We also collect old or used printer cartridges and toners for recycling, we are able to collect from your offices in New Jersey, New York (including NYC), PA, CT and most States in the NE area. Our Inks Cartridge and Toner Disposal via Recycling center provides a landfill FREE recycling service. Recycling Toners and Cartridges from all types of Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers and All-in-One Equipment is easy please contact us today.

We offer recycling for all the most popular printer, copier, fax, and all-in-one brand names and non brand cartridges. Our cartridge and toner disposal service is able to recycle all of the following brands and more:

Brother Cartridges Disposal & Recycling
Canon Cartridges and Toners Disposal
Dell Cartridges Disposal & Recycling
Epson Cartridges Disposal & Recycling
HP Cartridges and Toners Disposal
Kodak Cartridges and Toners Disposal
Konica Toner and Ink Cartridge Recycling
Minolta Cartridges and Toners Disposal
Lexmark Toners and Ink Cartridges Recycled
Panasonic Toners and Ink Cartridges Recycled
Samsung Toners and Ink Cartridges Recycled
Sharp Cartridges Disposal & Recycling
Xerox Cartridges Disposal & Recycling

We specialize in offering printer, copier and toner disposal for the following States:

  • Tri-StateRecycling Center MA.
  • Maryland Recycling Center MD.
  • Maine Recycling Center ME.
  • New York Recycling Center NY.
  • NYC Recycling Center NY.
  • New Jersey Recycling Center NJ.
  • Tri State AreaRecycling Center NH.
  • Pennsylvania Recycling Center PA Penn
  • Newark NJRecycling Center VT.
  • New Jersey Recycling Center VA.

Printer Collection for Disposal Services

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